What’s Your Self Worth?

I am feeling much better after a short break from last Monday, 9/11; and while most of us found ourselves glued on television watching the Memorial events, 16 years ago.

Life is never the same for most Americans and the entire world. With the horrific pictures from New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania; I decided to take a short moment of pause for a day of recollection about my personal and business activities!

We’ve all heard and watched the most recent events, another tragic aftermath of hurricanes, one after the other. My heartfelt prayers continue to all my family, friends and so many people who were affected by the devastation in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean.

Now, back to reality… Life Moves On!

How do you measure your Self-Worth? Have you ever questioned how much your business is WORTH in the eyes of your clients and other colleagues?

Honestly, I have looked into this very seriously and re-evaluated my own career as a traveling wedding and event planner. While working with the most recent brides and Mothers of the bride, they need to know how much it cost per hour for the work that I provide during the wedding planning, on the day of rehearsal, and their big day. Most of the time, they aren’t aware of how much time wedding professionals have worked above and beyond in order to accomplish certain tasks on their dream day!

When you learn how much your services or products are worth, “you will stop giving people discounts”. In other words, start giving a reasonable VALUE to the product or services that you offer, and watch what happens! Please take note, the following are my personal opinion based on past experiences. Here are 5 inspirations as a result and after re-evaluating my own career:

  1. People give you the Respect of what you can offer.
  2. Clients and Colleagues appreciate how much you are Worth.
  3. I’ve learned how to Value my own time.
  4. Relationships get better; Life becomes more Meaningful.
  5. I’ve stopped worrying about small things; I am more Focusing on better things in Life.

According to Forbes Contributor, Amy Morin “When your entire self-worth depends on your achievements, you’ll avoid doing things where you could fail”.

She also added, Measure your self-worth by who you are at your core. Doing so will help you focus on behaving according to your values, instead of chasing the things that will temporarily boost your self-esteem.

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