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Yeah, we’re finally back in the blog. Relaxed and Rejuvenated. My apologies if I kept you guys hanging for couple of months. Some of you maybe wondering, Where in the World is Marivic? Or some folks may not even realized I was gone AWOL for a long period of 4 months!

Yes indeed, I took the time off to attend some family matters. I traveled thousands of miles to Asia visiting my family in the Philippines, and you might ask – how long was the trip? Travel started from the east coast, it was like 36+ hours of long flights (one way) in 6 different airports, until I arrived to my final destination. Absolutely, worth it the moment I got there.

For some of you who didn’t know yet – Philippines is my birth country, my home sweet home. Travel is definitely in my blood. I love my family here in the USA and abroad. I am so incredibly blessed to have a husband (for 31 years); who allowed me to visit and spend time with my dad, turning 81 years old this year and he’s having some health issues; the main reason for my trip.

While there, I was able to organized a medical mission for indigent children in the community. I had a blast attending the 40th Ruby Jubilee, my high school reunion. With my hectic schedule, I had to sneak in some good times with my college pals. So many beautiful places to go and visit. It’s hard to believe, I was short of time.

Did you know that Philippines has over 7,100 islands waiting for you to explore? I’d like to invite my readers if you haven’t been yet or would like to go revisit – come travel with me to visit my beautiful country. What is the best time to travel to the Philippines? Between the months of November and April, most popular for visitors and also the country’s dry season. We definitely have perfect beach weather!


Tropical Food are in abundance. Nothing like having some of my favorites, authentic dishes and with no doubt, I must have gained about 10 lbs while there. I was thankful for the safe travels and the fabulous time. Sweet memories were made! I will be visiting once a year, Lord willing.

Life goes on, I returned back in the US in mid of March. Illness caught up with me, and so I slowed down for a month. It was no fun dealing with Pneumonia for 3 weeks, then followed by a week of flu like symptoms. Lord has His way of slowing us down, don’t you agree?

Wedding season is just around the corner! Last year, we made some changes to our schedule. Definitely blessed to be able to work where we want, and when we want. Our events planning business will continue to work for 6 months during the months in May-October. We will focus on traveling for business and also for pleasure; and spending more time with family and friends. Life is too short. My Goal: Once a year, Go some place I’ve never been before!

BIG NEWS in 2018, our Calendar is full with more about FUN Events & Travels. We are taking only very selective Clients for this year. Please be looking for our next blog. We will focus our discussion more about LOVE & Travel – Destination Weddings & Honeymoon! Our travel experts will provide some valuable travel tips and discounted trips for your honeymoon and family getaway. Who needs FREE Consultation about their next special events, wedding planning, honeymoon planning and family fun travels?

Visit our Facebook page with exciting updates, Travel with Elegance By Marivic… and follow my new blog series, Where in the World is Marivic?

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Happy Planning! Happy Travels!

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    • May 3, 2018
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    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I love following your travels!

  • Hi Beth, I appreciate you checking in. Thanks for the follow. Happy Travels 😎

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