Wedding Planners vs. Day-Of Wedding Coordinators

It’s Monday, FUN-day! Yes I know and my apologies that I’ve been slacking in getting my blog out on a timely basis. I must admit this past weeks of September-October has been extremely busy for us. Not complaining, but we are thankful and blessed having the opportunity of working for wonderful clients. Definitely enjoying this fall wedding season; we are busier than ever!

Now that we are winding down with few more beautiful fall weddings to end our most favorite season, this is a perfect time to talk about the difference between the role of being the Wedding Planner and the Day-of Wedding Coordinator.

Some people have the notion that these 2 titles have the same roles. That’s a big NO! “To each, it’s own.” Wedding Planners who offers and provide full wedding planning services handles the more extensive details and challenges from start to finish.

Therefore, we require at least a minimum booking and building a working relationship of 6-12 months prior to the event. Of course, the scope of the responsibilities are tied in with the cost of services.

Definitely the cost of services will be much more higher than the day-of wedding coordinators. Fees or charges will also depend on the number of your guests and how much work needed to get the job done with full staffing on the big day!

During my years of working in the wedding industry, I’ve seen budgeted brides that will have a family member or friend; and sometimes their DJ, Officiant, florist or even photographers will be asked to help with the day-of coordination of their wedding. Brides, be careful and choose wisely who the person that you’ll trust your day of wedding planning.

The day-of wedding planners or coordinators can pick-up what the bride and most of the times, the mother of bride have been working on. Booking or signing of contract for their services can happen during the last few months or some even weeks prior to their wedding date. They charge an hourly rate for their services. I am not going into the “nitty gritty” here, but mind you WE are NOT or should not be treated as Slaves by any bride neither the mother of bride. It’s not acceptable.

Day-­of wedding planners are not slaves. They handle a wedding on the day of the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly, orchestrated correctly and executed accordingly to the vision of the bride’s dream wedding.

With my 8 years of experience working full time in this exciting wedding industry, I agree and have recognized that there’s definitely a HUGE differences between these two important roles during a wedding celebration!

In my next blog, I promise that we’ll get into more details about the scope of responsibilities, and WHY you need to hire a day-of wedding coordinator.

According to a very dear colleague, wedding mentor-guru Deborah McCoy, President and Founder of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals, “Day of wedding planning is a great way to make money without a lot of responsibility. The idea is that you’re there to hold the bride’s hand and to ensure that things run cohesively so that the bride and her mother can relax and enjoy the big day”.

Elegance by Marivic LLC is a full service wedding planning and consulting business. We can handle both roles of wedding planning. We are currently base in the southwest region of Virginia. We’ve been traveling and working outside of our areas. We have a full staff of certified and aspiring wedding planners with a combined of 50+ years experience working in the industry.

Most of our recent clients are brides who love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding planning provided by the social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Wedding Planners also loving Pinterest, who doesn’t?

According to an online survey that a whopping 91% of soon to-be-brides were looking online for most of their wedding inspirations.

Quite frankly, not only that the online wedding planning has caused a huge decline of the full service wedding planning in our business; and we’ve been blessed to having an increase of business from brides-to-be requesting our Day-of wedding planning services that’s convenient and customize packages.

Brides, if you are interested in looking at the wedding packages that we offer, check out –

Most of these millennial brides know exactly the vision they have for their wedding. They just need some assistance, mostly with finding the right wedding professionals or vendors that perfectly match their needs and most certainly those who will also fit within their budget.

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We are now booking for the 2018-2019 wedding season. Contact us today!

Happy Wedding Planning! 

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  • Excellent article, Marivic. Right on target!

    I think the day-of coordinator is a MUST for all brides-to-be. No one wants their mother to be stuck with orchestrating a wedding on the BIG day. She should be enjoying the festivities, right along with her daughter and that’s why a day-of coordinator is invaluable! They let that happen!

    All the best,
    Deborah McCoy, President
    American Academy of Wedding Professionals™

  • Thanks Deb, we appreciate you stopping by and your continued support. Absolutely, day-of coordinator will be there to assist and make the bride’s dream wedding come true! Best, Marivic

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