The Power of Referral, Starts with One

The Power of ONE Referral, that’s correct. One business referral that comes from a trusted source, goes a long way!

It’s Monday, FUN-day! A day later… My apologies for this week’s blog, you’re getting this on a Tuesday. This is one great example, when you are the boss and run your own business. Whether I am a day or 2 late in my blogging; don’t matter. It’s not the end of the world.  

We just finished another beautiful wedding; 9.25.17 bride and groom are from the New River Valley in Virginia. Yes, definitely “busy is good” and now getting ready, off we go for the final wedding preparation as our team travels this Thursday rehearsal for a Friday (9/29) wedding; then followed by the Weekend (9/30) as day of Director.

As traveling event planner, my A-Team is enjoying the travels and making it possible for the future brides and grooms. Dream day wedding, making it happen for the future Mr. & Mrs.!

We are getting excited to be working this week with weddings in Roanoke and Charlottesville, VA. Thankful for these opportunities to have the special roles in planning, coordination, and to execute the brides’ wishes for the vision of their dream day.

Finishing strong this month of September with fall Weddings, our peak season continues…

I am super excited this week’s topic that I’ve chosen to blog about – “The Power of 1 Referral”. If you try to search the Referral Marketing on Google, it will give you over 61 million results; Wow that sure is one hot topic that people were talking about!

Of course, who doesn’t? Referral Marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. I must agree, that the word-of-mouth marketing, is one of the oldest (and still most effective, period!) marketing strategies out there. In simple terms, it’s basically about people buying your products and services because somebody they TRUST recommends it to them.
People will trust your products or services based on someone else’s opinion or influence. Studies made by experts show that, word-of-mouth continues to be the most powerful form of marketing; and in my opinion, the cheapest way of promotion for my wedding planning business and same it goes to other colleagues in the wedding and travel industry.

Check out the astounding numbers below, from a study conducted by: The Nielsen Company, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. Basically, the result of this study tells us that 90% of consumers trust word-of-mouth from their friends and family, above all other means of advertising.

 Wouldn’t you agree that in order for any referral to be successful and beneficial, it must be done in a two-way-street process? The more you refer or share about your colleague’s business; you are helping each other grow. Based on my 8 years of experience of assisting new start ups and small business owners, I found that their budget for marketing is very limited. Networking with other local businesses by word-of-mouth is still one of the best means of getting your business out there.

A big shout out to one of my amazing colleague, Jan Hendrickson is a very hard working business owner and a very talented designer at Green Designs LLC. Jan also travels to service brides/mothers of bride, outside of her area. Jan provides wedding floral, landscaping design/installation/interiorscaping, and everyday floral designs. To learn more about Jan and her business, please check them out by visiting their store location in 2907 Brambleton Ave. SW Roanoke, Virginia.

Jan and I have mutually believe in the power of sending each other Referrals; which is giving both our businesses an astounding and tremendous growth. I have the honor of working with Jan in several projects and then at one big wedding (200+ guests) in Charlottesville this coming weekend. I do appreciate Jan’s referral to connect my wedding planning business with the mother of bride.

My question for you – When was the last time you’ve send a business referral to your colleague? If you haven’t recently received one, why not contact and start asking other businesses in your industry. Ask Your Client or Colleague Nicely. Create a Referral Program. Return the favor by giving back your colleague a referral. These are just some ideas that we know about that works well in the referral program.

Happy Sending Referrals! Share with us your referral success story. Leave us your thoughts under the comment section.

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Happy Wedding Planning! 

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    • Jan
    • September 27, 2017
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    Wow! Thanks so much, Marivic. It’s always a pleasure working with you.
    Jan Hendrickson

  • Absolutely, enjoy working with you and your team as well. Thanks for stopping by Jan. All the best to all the beautiful weddings this fall 2017 season. Looking forward to more future events we can work together!

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