Part 2, Wedding Planners vs. Day-of-Wedding Coordinators

It’s Monday, FUN-day!  November is here, Yeah it’s a New Season!

Time for Reflections! Thinking about how I am truly blessed with my family and friends. In the United States, I enjoy these 4 seasons. Change of season, day light savings time. Cooler temps and the outdoor colors are changing. Our beautiful Fall-Autumn, my favorite season will be ending soon. Then comes the winter months and the holidays are just around in few weeks. I look forward spending time with my family and good friends during the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It’s Official; our 2017 fall wedding season has come to an end. We are definitely embracing this much needed break. It’s also during this time of the year, where I am feeling grateful that I own a business where I can work my passion at a seasonal. Wedding planning, honeymoon planning and bride consultation, we work with our amazing clients all throughout the year.

Here in the United States, our Weddings peak season are during the months of May-October. And so for the rest of the year, I am truly blessed to have the option of spending time with my dear family/friends and while also enjoying my personal travels. Destination weddings can be anywhere, all year!

What started as a Dream… it became my Passion… now it’s coming together, the freedom to work and travel. I know for sure, that’s a true blessing! We’re just getting started to extend our services in destination weddings outside of the United States. Stay tuned!

My last blog, I’ve talked about the difference between the Wedding Planners and the Day-of Wedding Coordinators. At Elegance by Marivic LLC, we handle both of these special roles. If you’ve missed getting the last blog, click HERE.

For this week’s blog, I’d like to spend some extra discussion about the special role of the Day-of-Wedding Coordinators, working 4-5 hours. If you are helping coordinate a wedding, this blog is for you also. Let’s get right to it.

*Elegance by Marivic LLC, day-of-wedding coordinator. Photos were taken during a beautiful wedding on 10/14/17, held at the only mountaintop Venue in the entire southeast,
Silver Hearth Lodge is located in Bent Mountain, VA. 

Once hired, the day-of-wedding coordinator is there to hold the bride’s hand and to ensure that things run cohesively during the planning to ensure that the bride and her mother can relax and enjoy the celebration. I personally recommend conducting the rehearsal that is mostly scheduled on the day before the wedding.

Some people may have the notion that these 2 titles have the same roles. That’s a big NO! Wedding Planners who offers and provide the full wedding planning services handles the more extensive details and challenges. They could be working for the bride/groom anywhere from 6-12 months before the wedding date. Unlike the day-of-coordinators, must be hired at least by 3 months prior in order to have that relationship of working together for the couple’s vision.

To clarify, day-of-wedding planners are not slaves. We are mainly responsible to ensure that everything runs smoothly, all vendors are at the site setting up on time, and the bride’s vision of her day being orchestrated correctly. If you’re a bride on a very tight budget, we highly recommend asking some help from your bridal party or family members during the setup of the ceremony area or venue. Unless the couple is willing to pay the extra charges for setting up of the venue (2 hours min.) and packing up (1 hour min.) after the reception.

Based in my years of experiences working with future Mr. and Mrs. – here are some of the main responsibilities of the Day-of-Wedding Coordinators that will help out any budget bride:

Have a Signed Contract that includes all the agreed terms and conditions.  I recommend having to discuss all the details of responsibilities and contract signed with bride or mother of bride for at least 3 months before the wedding date. With the signed contract, it’s Official.

This is indeed an exciting topic to talk about. We are happy to share more in details, please stay tuned for the next blog. Be looking for the final discussion about “Brides, Why you should hire a Day-of-Wedding Coordinator for your next special event”. I promise, my goal is to provide you with some important information that will save you time and money in your wedding planning.

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Happy Wedding Planning! 

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    • Carla
    • November 12, 2017
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    I like that you mentioned that day-of coordinators aren’t slaves!! Too often, I’ve noticed brides or the families almost abusing the coordinator or someone standing in as the coordinator. But both the coordinator AND the planner work very, very hard! Details, details, details. :)

  • Hi Carla, thanks for taking time to read and leave your comment. Yes, to specific details and the scope of responsibilities about what’s expected from the day-of-coordinator and wedding planner. Sometimes, the bride just assumes that when they hire a day-of-coordinator they can go beyond everything they want. But having all your agreement in writing, MUST be included to the contract; and it makes any wedding day less stressful for everyone involve. Happy Wedding Planning to you!

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