It’s Monday FUN-day! 7 Simple Steps How To Revamp Blogging After A Long Earned Break!

It’s Monday, FUN-day! This post is actually a follow up from the last 2 Mondays topic about my exciting comeback to blogging. Today I am sharing with you Few Simple Things to help revamp your blog. Let’s go straight right in… so excited that I am learning these things together with you!

Step #1. Check your Domain Name.
I was really being hopeful after being away that my web hosting account or domain name hasn’t expired. That was the first thing I’ve checked to make sure my website and domain name are still active.

Step #2. Log in to your Blog or Website and Update Everything.
Yes, it’s crucial that you are able to log in back. When you’re away for a long period, you could have forgotten your password and that’s a trouble. I hope that you have kept it in a secured place.

Update your theme, plug-ins, and if necessary remove all things that no longer serves a purpose for you and your business.

Step #3. Clear out or delete all pending and/or spam Comments.
So after a long break of at least 6 weeks, sure thing I have a ton of pending comments waiting for me in my spam and other folders.

Luckily I have a good spam protection for my blog, Otherwise, if you have thousands of comments waiting for you, then this could be a problem. Best thing to do is just delete all pending comments. You may also check out the WordPress plugin called, WP Mass Delete, it will save you a ton of time!

Step #4. Update your old posts and pages.
I know this takes time and of course, I went through pretty much all of my old blog and updated each post and other pages myself. I then updated our About page, my team page, contact information and so on.

Step #5. Go through your blog maintenance checklist.
I do hope that you got some kind of a checklist to make sure that your blog will run back smoothly. But if you don’t have one, no worries and here’s what I have been using, the WordPress Blog Maintenance Checklist.

Step #6. Create a new content strategy and a blogging schedule. 
Get excited again about blogging by creating ideas what to post for the next 30 days or so. Before you know, you’re back in the road to blogging again frequently on schedule.

Step #7. Make the announcement of your return to blogging. 
There are so many means available to make that announcement to your followers, subscribers and colleagues. Some bloggers are taking advantage of the Live video on Facebook and other social media to announce their comeback.

Now that you and I are all set to rocking this blogging again and I hope these 7 simple steps will help your ultimate comeback; and to stay blogging regularly.

I am so excited about next Monday’s blog that will talk about how I got started my FUN career in the Wedding and Event Planning! Stay Tuned!!

Happy Monday Blogging!

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