It’s Monday FUN-day! My Quick Tips How To Stay Blogging Regularly…

It’s Monday FUN-day! As I’ve shared with you before that Monday is one of my favorite day of the week. I am excited more than ever and super pumped to talk about my new Blog series coming your way. Today I would like to share with you my top 2 quick tips on how to stay committed in your blogging, and try to keep it consistently.

So I know that I am guilty about this myself! 

After a long earned break from my blogging, and now finally the time has come for an ultimate comeback. Honestly, the returning back process wasn’t an easy task for me. It took months for me to be excited again. Wedding season is at it’s peak, where most wedding professionals are very busy around this time of the year.

First of all, my congratulations if you are also just trying to get back in the routine. I am sure you and I deserved that long break.

Taking long breaks away from blogging or just about anything that we do, it can allow us to recharge those batteries and reassess where the direction of our business is going.

You bet, in my case being away and out of the country for 6+ weeks was a well earned break.

But in the future, I suggest that anytime you feel like taking a lengthy break again from blogging, consider these 2 very important reminders:

  1. Need to reduce the frequency instead; to avoid having the long absence. So like for instance in my case, instead of blogging every Monday, I need to blog every other Monday instead.
  2. Find or hire someone who can assist you with content creation or blog management.

Now that we are focus back on the road to blogging again, in my next blog I will be sharing with you more successful tips to the Ultimate Revamp of your blogging after taking that long earned break!

Thanks for taking time to read my quick post today. Stay tuned until next Monday!

Happy Monday Planning! Happy Blogging!!

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    • August 9, 2017
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    I totally agree! It’s hard to get back to your work after a long break. It takes discipline and desire. Keep up the good work!
    Jan Hendrickson

  • Oh hello there my dear friend Jan, thanks for taking time to stop by and I appreciate your sweet encouraging words. But one thing for sure, that everyone deserves some kind of a break from whatever we’re doing on the job or at home projects. After many years of hard work, may it be a medical leave or vacation getaway, we all deserve one and returning back to the routine – it definitely takes 2 things: Discipline and Desire.

    Stay Fabulous! Talk to you soon! Hugs, Marivic :)

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