A Glimpse of My Memoir in the Making…

My Memoir book that is still in the making… get ready for a long read ahead. I promise this will be an exciting book once I have the chapters and its contents put together. First and foremost, let’s focus about the binding declaration of my COMMITMENT to never ever GIVE UP on my Wedding VOW, my Passion and My Dreams. A special BFF told me to share my stories, so please be patient with me as this is still in working progress.

Once upon a time, about 3 decades ago on the beautiful evening of March 18, 1987. Wedding venue: Intercontinental Hotel located in Makati, Philippines where I said: I DO to Ray Gallimore, the man I knew that I am going to spend with for the rest of my life.  Ray has great sense of humor, a loving husband I could have asked for, and the best father for our children. Those 2 everlasting words, I DO; now lives within me forever. We hired a professional wedding photographer, a videographer to capture our special day, and a beautiful photo album full of memories that will be cherished forever. 

During the wedding planning, Ray wanted to make sure if I want a small or BIG Wedding?  Honestly, I NEVER wanted a BIG wedding, and all I really wishes to have a memorable, intimate Celebration with close family & friends, about 25 guests. I remember planning with no stress at all, perfect venue, great food, beautiful flowers and cake, the reception, music and everything went PERFECT. Although I knew back then he can afford to spend for a GRAND Celebration. Oh by the way, when you’re getting married in my beloved country, the Philippines, the groom’s side of family normally pays for the entire wedding. Take my advice as an experienced wedding planner: Trust me, you still can have a beautiful wedding even if you are in a tight budget. 

Here’s to another 31+ more years of happy married life to my husband Ray, a faithful child of God, proud US Army veteran, and he was already a successful entrepreneur himself when we got married.

October 1987 was definitely NOT a very easy transition when I left my JOB (happy & blessed at that time), left behind my family and friends back home in the Philippines to move and live with my dear hubby in Virginia. My loving husband took me on a first class flights, with one small luggage of my personal belongings, thousands of miles away from Asia to the United States of America. Yes, I was happy and at the same time, Nervous! Adjusting to the american culture, somewhat different than I had growing up, was indeed not an easy transition.

It was in November 1988, motherhood life started. New challenges, but loving it. 

1988 – 2008, I was a full-time Homemaker/housekeeper. I took primary care of raising our kids. Day care wasn’t an option, with not much help since my husband was very busy running his own business! Two decades of the NO-ME-time! In 2000, I took a part-time job position in addition to already raising our very young children. I promise, my Memoir book will definitely have more details about the career and life stories while in Blacksburg, Virginia during 1995 up to the present. 

We’ve been very blessed with 2 beautiful children. We raised them to study hard, work hard, reach their goals in life, be respectful, be kind, love God and both are living their dreams on their own after finishing college and masters degrees. My husband and I are proud parents!

On Friday, April 10, 2009 was the last time I have set my ALARM clock at my 7-4 job! As for my hubby, lucky guy, NO TIME CLOCK for him. He’s been running his own business since I’ve known him. In the summer of 2009, I officially became a business owner myself and with NO REGRETS, absolutely LOVING it… our tax credits, low start up investment, time and money freedom, and the freedom of who I want to be around with, are important benefits for me just to name a few. PERSONAL development is a huge investment. I am learning so much from being around other SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs.

Here’s the FUN PART of my current lifestyle, every day I get very EXCITED to start my week on Saturdays instead of Mondays, like I used to when I was working as an employee. Life was full of challenges for three decades while working for someone else. But with only 9+ years of working for myself, I AM more of a happier and healthier human being! 

I AM a professional network marketer, rocking my own business and living the American dream that most people I know are dreaming to have.

On top of everything, I AM thankful for the 10 minutes of my time spent daily in God’s Word. I know for sure, God wants his children to live a life in ABUNDANCE. Honestly, I used to be a SHOP-A-HOLIC myself… buy this, want that. Material stuff are temporary things of the past. I travel more, collect Memories not things.

For many years between my husband and I, we definitely have accumulated so much stuff, no doubt. Nowadays whenever I am out at the store or online, I ask myself these questions: Do I need this for the growth of my business? Or do I want this for my personal use?

The TRUTH is, I am not PERFECT nor my marriage. Don’t get me wrong, we both have flaws. I AM BLESSED to have my husband (31+ years), who loves me unconditionally! So I like bragging about him when I have the chance. 

MONEY is the biggest issue for most people I know and stayed unhappy while in their current situation. Not ONE SINGLE EMPLOYEE that I know of, that can BRAG about how SUCCESSFUL they are while working at their employment.

My goal (BIG WHY) is to continue to live a SIMPLE life, DEBT FREE and eventually hit a financially FREE lifestyle, where I can freely help my family (back in the Philippines and here in the US); and they too can live the fun, freedom, and fulfillment lifestyle. Changing Lives!

I have a DREAM… one day to take my whole family to an ALL EXPENSES PAID by yours truly on Vacation Getaways. I want them to experience the unforgettable moments where they can tell their own children and grandchildren about the incredible MEMORIES they have made before they die. Dream Big!

According to Pastor Rick Warren: “If we want God’s blessing on our finances, we must learn to SAVE and invest for the future. We need to save regardless of our level of income because God is teaching us to be DISCIPLINED and WISE with our money. He is teaching us to live on less than we make each month so that we can intentionally put away some to save.

God says that’s being RESPONSIBLE.”

Allow me to share with you the link to Pastor Rick’s daily devotional, this particular lesson talks about MONEY and that to me it make so much SENSE. Please find the opportunity to read on… https://pastorrick.com/answer-one-question-increase-your-savings/

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I hope you continue to find the VALUE in following my blog, LOVE Y’ALL dear friends & family, near and far!!!

Happy Planning! Happy Travels!

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